Hello! My name is Joan Guardiet. I’ve lived in Barcelona my whole life and I’ve been an illustrator for half of it. An avid reader of comics since childhood, they have always had a huge influence on my restless imagination. In my own creative practice I like to find the essence of the project and adapt myself to it, rather than the other way round, making my style quite versatile. 

My fields of work are editorial, animation, advertising, and art direction. 

I also teach illustration classes at LCI Barcelona and L’IDEM Barcelona.

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Selected clients

Imagic TV, Random House Mondadori, Salvat, Ogilvy, Wunderman, FC Barcelona, Naturgy, Abacus, Devir, Hans im Glück, Tram Barcelona, Idealúdica, HC Healthcom, Little Buddha Agency, Point Bleu Design, Kings of Mambo, Somnins, Scared Ghost, Nikotxan, Quality Devs, Materia Creativa